The Church Trail (Kyrkstigen)


Up until the middle of the 1800s in Sweden there was a rule that every family had to go to church at least once every month. Since Hörken didn’t have it’s own church until 1925, the people had to jouney to Ljusnarsbergs’s church. For hundreds of years the churh trails were travelled by locals for everything from baptism to funerals when going to their community church.

Mile after mile the trails wound through the wilderness over hill and dale, through marshes and across streams. The trails all had their resting stones, picknick places as well as hay sheds. In olden times the district of Nya Kopparberg also included the villages Örtjärn and Kyrkviken north of Hörken. Like the people from Lomberget and Silverhöjden they all connected to the same trail down to Kopparberg. These were many miles in the name of church which surely added to the spirit of unity in the community. Because of the large number of Finnish immigrants in these parts in the 1600s, the trail was also called Finnstigen (Finnish Trail)

Hörken - Ställberg

Hike along historic trails in the beautiful nature of Bergslagen

In a joint project between Örebro County Government and the Hörken Community association the old church trail between Hörken and Ställberg has been renoveted.

The trail starts in Grills, continuing passed Hörkens churh and winds it’s ways through the woods down to Lövskogen in east Ställberg about 10 km south.

From Lövskogen you can join the trail to Östra Kumlan passing the Ställbergs old mining area. After several hundred meters on the road to Ställberg a gravel road climbs up to Puttmossen and Grantorp where the trail turns north east towards Brattbergshäll. Follow the kilometer down towards north Hörken on a forrest trail that ends up at Kvarnbacken. After crossing Hörksälven (stream) and the railroad track, turn north on Grillsvägen to return to starting point in Grills.

Total it is about 25 km

The hike offers nature’s beautiful surroundings of Bergslagen, grand forests and majestic views, here and there passing by small villages with picturesque farms. You are welcome to meet the local population in and around the villages that offer guided tours, flee markets, art and handicrafts, smoked fish, cafes, dairies, etc. However, it is wise to make reservations ahead of time to ensure your visit.

”Stigen är lätt att gå, om du har stövlar på” (The trail is easy to walk wearing rubber boots)

Translation: Stina Sahlin-Mercke